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Participants in our intensive programs have increased skills and mastery of
communication and connection through shared understanding, through the use of
empathy, authentic self-expression, shared goals, and practical problem-solving tools.
Create Trust and Connection with your Partner
Nonviolent Communication for Couples


Join us with your sweetie, partner, or spouse for this workshop where you will learn how to bring more ease, connection, and fun into your relationship.


Do you find yourselves arguing about the same
old things with no resolution?  Are blame and
resentments creeping into your conversations?
Or, are things generally going well, but you're
looking for tips and practical tools to make things
even better?


DATE & TIME: Sunday, June 2, 2019
[12:30 pm - 5:30 pm)


LOCATION: Leslie Science and Nature Center,
1831 Traver Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (map)


TRAINER:  Lisa Gottlieb (pictured below)


COSTEarly Bird: $100/couple (by May 1);
: $125/couple (after May 1)


MULTIPLE PERSON DISCOUNT:  When 2 couples register together, both save 10%; when 3 or more couples register together, everyone saves 15%


QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about registration, payments or other logistics, email the Registrar (Jeff Brown). If you have questions about the program or content, email Lisa Gottlieb .


AUDIENCE:  All couples are welcome- this is an inclusive workshop for all ages, sexual orientations, race, religions, ethnicities, and levels of commitment. 




In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how empathy and self-expression work together for greater understanding.

  • Practice new ways of listening and speaking with each other for improved communication.

  • Share with each other in ways that give you each the opportunity to have more of what you want in your relationship.


You will leave the workshop with things you can start to do immediately to improve how you relate with each other.  This event is designed specifically for couples of all kinds -- this is an inclusive event for all ages, sexual orientations, race, religions, ethnicities, and levels of commitment.




Q1: I am single but hope to be in a relationship in the
future. Can I join this workshop? 

A: We invite you to participate in other events we are
offering because we see those as a better fit.  This event
is designed for current couples and includes exercises
most relevant to partners.


Q2: My spouse or partner cannot (or does not want to) attend this workshop but I would like to participate as an individual. Is that OK?

A: Because the exercises and activities are all designed for current couples, we want to keep things simple in terms of the format. In addition, we believe that couples can be most effective in supporting other couples and that the needs and interests of single people are more suited to other workshops we offer.



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