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Participants in our intensive programs have increased skills and mastery of
communication and connection through shared understanding, through the use of
empathy, authentic self-expression, shared goals, and practical problem-solving tools.
Role of Apprentices

In Great Lakes NVC’s Immersion Programs, we offer repeat participants the opportunity to serve as Apprentices as a way of expanding their learning and contributing to the success of the program.

Apprentices play a valuable role particularly in GLNVC's Immersion Program, where they join with the trainers to infuse the program with an intention of care, mattering, and enthusiasm about learning together in community!










Apprentices participate in the gatherings just as every other participant does, but with these additional roles:

  1. Lunchtime meetings with trainers to ask questions and share what they are learning from the vantage point of repeating the program.

  2. Contribute to the flow of the gatherings by giving support with logistics such as room setup, greeting participants, or setting up snacks.

  3. Volunteering for demonstrations when needed, and serve as resources in small group activities when the trainers would like each small group to have at least one experienced person.

  4. Opportunity to get “behind the scenes” looks at decisions that the trainers make.

  5. Spread the word among their friends, family members, and colleagues about the program and offer to speak with them about their experience.

  6. Provide empathy and other support to participants as needed.

  7. Give input to the training team about the design of the program and plans for gatherings.


COST: We ask Apprentices to pay 50% of the standard tuition request* and in exchange to contribute to the program in some of the ways described above.


If you have any questions about being an Apprentice, email François Beausoleil.

* Note: The 50% discount applies for either the early bird and standard fee requests, however, we do not apply any additional reductions for Apprentices such as multiple person discounts (although if regular participants register as part of your group, then they may apply the multiple person discount).




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